Inspired Communications.

Muse Content Group offers brand positioning, content marketing strategy, and writing services, served best as a holistic system, but also available on an a la carte basis. All engagements start with a working whiteboard session to transform big thoughts into well-crafted words.

Brand Positioning: Find Your Voice

Brand therapy for those who seek a message in the madness.

Muse brand consultants help you communicate with clarity and purpose by aligning your core business strengths with audience trigger points. This process blends collaborative consultation with foundational messaging in a practical tool kit that can be applied across all communication efforts. Deliverables can range from a powerful positioning platform (4-6 weeks) to an immersive consultation retainer (up to 12 months).

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Content Marketing Strategy: Shout from the Rooftops

Proper planning prevents poor performance.

In content marketing, even the best stories can fall flat without strategic purpose. Our content marketing strategy services ensure that your stories support your brand position. Then, we identify the distribution methods to extend the reach of your content investment.

  • Website Structuring
  • Editorial Calendar Development
  • Social Media Blueprint
  • Content Upcycling
  • Analytics Insights & Optimization
  • Integrated Marketing Planning

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Writing Services: Communicate with Clarity and Purpose

Behold, the power of the pen.

Muse writes for readers, not crawlers. With every word, we keep your audiences entertained, engaged, and eager to buy. When you commission Muse for your messaging, you’re assured professional marketing writers who are fluent in your goals, topic, and format. Our Editorial Director is on hand to oversee each draft, ensuring that every word resonates with your brand voice.

  • Copywriting: Website, collateral, campaigns, etc.
  • Keyword integration: SEO-powered copy
  • Blog entries: Long-form writing with personality and punch
  • Whitepapers: Well-researched, educational material
  • Press releases: Announcements, features, and abstracts
  • Ghostwriting: Books, articles, and beyond
  • Executive speech writing: Podium-ready scripts, notes, and slides

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