5 Bio Styles to Express Your Inner Professional

by Muse Content Group

If you Google “How to write a good LinkedIn bio,” you’ll get all sorts of insightful tricks and tips, such as:

  • Highlight your best achievements!
  • Keep it short!
  • Use correct grammar!

Well, that’s a start. But, if you look past the obvious and you’re still staring at a blank screen, take our advice:

Write from the heart.

You never know where it might take you. Ask yourself why you chose your line of work. What legacy will your work leave with others? What are you most passionate about now? The thoughts that first come to mind are often the most important. List them in random order without worrying about proper sentence structure or flow.

Once you know WHAT you want to say, it’s time to figure out HOW to say it. Choose a style that’s suitable to your tenure and personality, while considering the attributes that are valued among your industry colleagues. For example, if you’re a wealth manager, you may showcase brevity and sincerity over sarcasm and wit. The latter two attributes are more likely to be attractive to an ad agency, not a financial firm.

Feel free to use the following bios as a template, replacing the details with your own story. Or, if you’re suffering from writer’s block, be sure to contact us for a personal branding assessment and quick bio write up.

Note: These examples were penned by Muse writers; they’re still in use by real people today. Names, companies, inventions, and other identifying information have been changed or generalized for sample purposes.

Ideal for: Corporate types, c-suite, generalists
Demonstrates: High-level professionalism, proper etiquette

Bob Barker is the Founder and a Managing Director with ABC Company, a management consulting firm serving mid-market to Fortune 500 firms in the high tech, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare and life sciences industries.

Mr. Barker has over 20 years of strategic and transformation consulting experience with E&Z Co., Summit Consulting, Eagles Point, and ABC Company. While at Eagles Point, he served as the Strategy & Transformation practice lead for North America.

His Fortune 500 caliber clients have included Yahoo!, Micros, the ABC Health System, Peak Medical, J& J, Liberty Insurance, Mutual Partners, and Beemer Cars. Prior to his MBA in Strategy and Organizational Behavior from Weatherhead School of Management, Mr. Barker earned a B.A. from Boston University.

Ideal for: Mid-level career, sales or service focused professionals
Demonstrates: People skills, self-confidence

Frank Zappa first honed his business acumen while climbing the ranks as a Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 company. He played a vital role in implementing the company-wide upgrade to Oracle R12 when he caught the eye of an industry recruiter, which led him to his current position at Rose Compass.

Frank received his MBA from Cleveland State University in 2011, moonlighting as a student while maintaining business as usual at his day job. He’s also a proud graduate of University of Dayton, where he earned the unique distinction of a B.S.B.A. with a concentration in Finance. In his current position, Frank draws from his acquired book smarts and inherent people skills to manage client projects with strategy and style.

After hours, Frank spends ample time in the great outdoors, camping and water-skiing. He’s also a card-carrying car enthusiast and better-than-amateur photographer.

Ideal for: Passionate executives, entrepreneurs, speakers
Demonstrates: Thoughtfulness, authenticity

I’m fortunate to lead an extremely talented team of experts whose mandate is to invent new products and create new opportunities in our industry. Working with our employees, investors and partners, our undertaking is ambitious, yet achievable. To achieve our vision, I focus my energy and experience on building a business that:

  • Invents technologies that overcome obstacles in highly innovative ways
  • Attracts talented, entrepreneurial people who value the opportunity to grow
  • Generates a healthy return on investment
  • Helps preserve the environment
  • Leaves a lasting and positive legacy on the world

Regardless of the size of the goal or the obstacles and opportunities ahead, I have always had a sense of adventure—a curiosity and hunger to explore the unknown and attempt the untried to achieve remarkable results. That is our motivation as we invent technologies that occupy the frontiers of our scientific understanding. And, it is the ultimate adventure of doing something no one has done before to make a positive difference in the world.

Ideal for: Personable types, creative fields
Demonstrates: Friendliness, lighthearted attitude

In his long and – dare we say – distinguished career, Tony Danza has been an agency owner, an associate creative director, an art director and a graphic designer. But no matter what the position, his approach to aesthetic has remained unchanged: Design to suit the specific communication needs of the project – not flashy trends or shortcut layouts.

This pragmatism, along with an innate ability to push the creative envelope just far enough, has served dozens of clients quite well over the course of 12 years. His client roster has spanned the ranks of international corporations to local start ups, with focused expertise in building products and trades, consumer products, fashion and retail. As client needs grew, so did Tony’s skill set. While his passion lies in developing award-winning, jaw-dropping brands, he’s also fluent in the many nuances of digital design, including an intrinsic understanding of back-end programming.

Tony’s quirky personality, encyclopedic knowledge of any microbrewery within a 300-mile radius, and limitless list of great ideas make him a joy to be around…and a valuable member to any agency team.

Ideal for: Retirees, investors, high-profile professionals
Demonstrates: Tenure, success stories

My career, much longer and nonsensical than this formatted platform would allow, has diverged across a colorful landscape of engineering, product development, and sales and business development efforts. Each new initiative and every new business has held one common theme – chasing a dream with a vision of crafting a unique, new, and exciting better concept. I stepped into engineering quite by accident, yet the skills I’ve acquired through my professional journey have led to a variety of intriguing contraptions and useful technologies.

To name a few favorites:

  • A product for a high-flying aircraft, which was patented (although not entirely operational)
  • An inflation pump for consumer products
  • A packaging system for the government
  • A host of outdoor products equipment
  • A valve for a home appliance

Through a lifetime of inventions, the one thing I’ve most enjoyed is the adventure of it all, and the people and families who have joined me along the way. This was especially true with a diverse, successful company that I founded in 1970 where a broad business community, including suppliers, customers and even competitors, helped grow something that could make us all proud. 
And now it’s time for my next venture to do the same.


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