Achieving Clarity of Vision

by Muse Content Group



The Tangent Company was one of those tricky prospects that didn’t join our client roster until about a year after we first met, once two design firms were unable to nail down their visual brand elements. This can happen when businesses jump into logo design before brand positioning is established.

Given the client’s pension for game-changing innovation, we were all too happy to step into the ground floor of a very ambitious vision. Our work to define their brand not only helped internal advocates quickly communicate the company’s value proposition; it also helped streamline executive brand decisions related to design and tactics. With clarity of positioning, our Tangent clients could essentially focus on what they do best – engineering tomorrow’s water treatment technologies today.


With Muse Brand Therapy, we were able to identify the characteristics that this sailboat icon would come to symbolize.


After a series of working whiteboard sessions with the clients, we determined that the core of the confusion was that the leadership and staff considered the company brand and its signature technology to be one in the same.

This internal misperception posed a serious problem.

While the technology (and planned product portfolio) would change over time, the Tangent Company philosophies would remain constant. To build equity in one unwavering position, we first needed to delineate the company brand from the product brands.

In order to define the brand, we first had to understand the parent brand's position in context with planned products (noted in orange, light blue, and green).

The first step of the Muse Brand Therapy process is to diagram the company structure and uncover opportunities for clarity.

We took a step back and focused exclusively on Tangent the company to start, before we developed the communication architecture and marketing materials for its inventive product. Fortunately, a lengthy product development lifecycle afforded us the time we needed to hold on all product materials until the company brand was solidified.

In just over two months, we defined the company as one that was committed to transformation. Transforming water. Transforming industry. And, to achieve these lofty goals, transforming perception.

We wrote this cultural manifesto to communicate this promise to employees and candidates.

Every company has its own unique culture.

Ours embraces the heart of innovation with a team of brilliant, motivated minds who are driven by a common vision – to transform the way the world thinks about water by changing how we treat it, use it and manage it. This is an ambitious undertaking, no doubt, and one that is steeped in sustainable enterprise and a long-sighted business model.

Ours is a journey, not a destination. Every day, we work to invent purifying technologies that extend the useful life of water in ways that prove beneficial to people and the natural environment that we share. Only with focus, perseverance and passion can we achieve this goal together.

We nurture creative intuition and encourage responsive problem solving. We empower our team to ask, “What if?” Always. This approach is especially necessary to succeed in the lightning-pace field of advanced engineering and science.

Our mission may be water treatment, but we respectfully remain open to the possibilities that may arise from what we learn. Then, we work to evolve inquiry into opportunity to develop and sell some of the most cutting-edge, meticulously tested products on the market today.

You can see how our copywriters were careful to express these themes on the brand website. As a result, the client received an immediate increase in highly qualified employment inquiries from top engineers who were just as intrigued by the passion behind the company as the mystery of the not-yet-launched product line itself. was designed by Studio Graphique. was designed by one of our favorite strategic partners, Studio Graphique.

In the Works:

While we cannot reveal the identity of the latest Tangent invention just yet, we’ve just finalized the pilot materials, which will be available once the client receives regulatory approval for the final stages of product testing.

Content strategy is in development and the company’s content hub, Cycology, will launch after the New Year.

A beautiful brand video is in post over at Garage Creative, where our positioning is coming to life in a mini-documentary.

The sailboat will play a starring role in the Tangent brand video.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Tangent Company brand story.


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