Four Ways We'll Evolve Thanks to Content Marketing World 2013

by Muse Content Group

Content Marketing World is a humbling planet, where thought leaders rule, books in hand, while the rest of us soak up stats and anecdotes, tweeting furiously into etherspace. This four-day industry conference reminds us that we’ve only scratched the surface of a brave new landscape, where a vibrant, orange horizon overshadows any pitfalls of experimentation. We march forth, on an endless journey to attract, engage and convert, guided by client objectives in search of shiny new technologies that unlock the doors of curation, distribution, and measurement.

Just when you’re confident in your direction, an all-new tool reveals the next opportunity to optimize. You take a deep breath and recalibrate (yet again), forging a fresh path down Search Engine Lane.  These shifts can be maddening without an anchor point. That’s why we’re firm believers in the power of brand positioning for strong orientation during times of extreme market flux.

In this case, we’ll follow our own advice and keep one foot firmly planted in our own true North while we explore a few new directions to increase the impact of our services:

Translate words into visuals.
Expert speakers like @leeodden and @heidicohen enlightened us with mind-blowing consumer stats like, “85% are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.” and “83% of learning occurs visually.” Muse may specialize in the written word, but we’ll dole out more visual recommendations as required by client audiences and objectives. We’ve got an arsenal of talented designers, photographers and videographers in our network to satisfy every aesthetic. (Note: As time allows, we’ll also update our journal entries with new visuals like this cool infographic of top #CMWorld quotes.)

Include “machines” as a target audience.
We stand by our position to write for people, not for crawlers. But as one expert asked, “If a piece of content fell in the woods and no one was there to see it, would it exist at all?” @ScottAbel reminded us to place more emphasis on visibility, working to optimize at opportune moments using proven tools of the trade.

Chase down the return.
We’ve always conducted insight at a topical level, empowering our clients to see analytics patterns that help justify marketing spends. Our project rates will now include additional time associated with designing the analytics profile that leads to return on investment. This may vary by client. In brand building cases, we’ll measure engagement and reach. For direct marketing clients, we’ll seek out conversion data. Thanks to some hard-hitting advice from @chrisgoward, we’ll also work to refine our testing methodologies, and define conclusions for optimization.

Lighten up.
“If you can make somebody laugh, that’s the most intimate connection you can make with someone  – in a professional relationship anyway,” were a few wise words we took away from @timwasher at the last workshop. He shared his experience using a sly comedic touch to promote very serious, very expensive products. At the conclusion of three intense engaging days, it felt great to laugh, which left a lasting impression that we’ll carry along to our clients.

Kudos to the incredible team at Content Marketing Institute for leading us along this inspiring adventure, complete with space captain! Be sure to search #CMWorld for thousands of compelling quotes that will take you on an all-inclusive tour of Content Marketing World. Enjoy your stay, but don’t forget your compass.


*Editor’s Note: Content Marketing is quickly changing. It’s 2018 now but we think some of these takeaways are still applicable today.

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