How to Hire Writers Who Deliver

by Muse Content Group

With the rise of social media, blog mania, and “branded content,” it’s been interesting to watch the battle between PR firms (we tell your stories!) and ad agencies (we sell your products!), each touting the distinctive talents of their writing teams. Great marketing writers can be found in either camp, but those who serve you best will be well versed in your business goals, and the format required to achieve them.

Muse Content Group was founded by a former copywriter, so we’re fluent in the nuances of writing to sell. As clients have required more long-form, educational-based writing to fill content pipelines, we’ve added journalists and established blog writers to our roster. Even so, the practice of content marketing comes weighted with the expectation to sell, so we look at all assignments through the lens of a copywriter to ensure that each final draft aligns with our clients’ objectives.

The ideal “content writer” – with a hybrid skill set of journalist and copywriter — may exist, but these capabilities can be challenging to find in a tenured professional. Senior writers are generally specialists who’ve grown up within the limitations of one writing genre. Writing generalists are often younger, and may be hard pressed to consistently execute targeted, on-point work.

Muse works to shorten revision cycles by contracting with a select pool of writers who are commissioned for client work based on the objectives and format of the writing, using these general parameters as a guide.

Those who are trained to write sales-driven headlines and snappy copy within a defined brand voice.

  • Brand positioning
  • Voice/persona development
  • Sales copy for core marketing materials (websites, brochures, etc.)
  • Commercial scripts
  • Content distribution strategies
  • Social media writing
  • SEO writing

Those who are trained to research and write fluid, compelling stories that educate or transform perception.

  • Editorial calendar development
  • Story generation
  • Long-form content (blogs, white papers, case studies)
  • Brand videos
  • Social media reputation management

Writers who do not specialize, or junior writers who are gaining expert training in multiple genres of writing.

  • Research
  • Outlining
  • Rationale writing
  • Basic SEO writing
  • Proofreading/Fact Checking
  • Content distribution
  • Social media maintenance

Whether your writer is expected to enlighten your audiences with a sponsored article, or impact your sales with a show-stopping campaign, be sure that your expectations are clear. Your writing team should be ready to listen to your goals and draw from their own “genre” to write up real results for your content investment.

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