Content Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Confident content marketing starts here.

Looking to jumpstart your content marketing program? Our workshops will immerse you and your team in the most up-to-date content marketing best practices, offering practical advice that can help you plan, implement and sustain an effective content marketing program. You’ll walk away with new tools and processes you can use immediately, as well as actionable content ideas to support your organization’s marketing plan.

Designed specifically for marketing professionals, our workshops can be hosted at the location of your choice – or as a webinar format – and will be customized to your industry and goals.

Half-day custom workshops start at $5,000.

Speaking Engagements

In the era of viral videos, everyone’s a star – yet not everyone has the ability to engage an audience of been-there, done-that marketing pros. That’s where Muse founder, Jackie Bebenroth, stands apart. A featured speaker, panelist and moderator at conferences and events across the country, Jackie’s experience provides a fresh point-of-view on brand strategy and business storytelling.

Jackie’s casual style blends poignant, timely stories with practical advice that is tailored to entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and sales teams. Attendees laugh as they learn and walk away with new perspectives that they can immediately apply to their goals.

Jackie and her team are committed to ensuring the success of your event! Small group planning workshops are also available. Pricing is negotiable based on topic, region, audience dynamics, and desired outcome. Contact us for availability and booking.

Topics to Sell

The Art of the Story: Tell the Stories that Sell

Storytelling is an art and a skill – one that can be quite useful when it comes to convincing prospects to buy. This talk features entertaining examples that demonstrate how the story behind your business can increase the value of your offerings and bolster your company’s reputation.

Key takeaways:

  • A proven, 3-step storytelling formula to help you present with style and flair
  • Three technical writing tricks that add credibility to your pitch
  • A “Good-to-Great” gauge that helps generate deeper, more meaningful stories

Content Marketing 101
Search #ContentMarketing and you’ll find millions of posts related to marketing using storytelling techniques. This talk cuts through the clutter to offer practical advice on how to use proven content strategies to supplement successful marketing efforts. Attendees will learn to maximize their investment by aligning content creation and distribution with sales goals.

Key takeaways:

  • Content marketing myths and realities
  • A strategy framework for choosing stories and distribution channels
  • Methods to measure your content marketing investment
“Jackie Bebenroth is a moving speaker who is able to effectively command and engage a crowd. I’ve had the pleasure of attending three of her presentations and each time felt that I was able to apply the concepts she covered as a result.”
-Jenny Kelley, President & COO, Prosper for Purpose

Topics to Build an Empire

Find Your Why! Communicate your Value Proposition with Clarity and Purpose
Many entrepreneurs struggle to define the “why” behind their businesses and, as a result, experience a brand identity crisis that erodes the value of their offerings. Drawing from proven case studies, this presentation offers practical guidance that will lead attendees to their “why,” then demonstrate how to best leverage it for immediate and long-term growth.

Key takeaways:

  • A technique to organize communications based on Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”
  • Four key questions that will help you uncover your Why
  • A messaging ladder to apply your Why across your buyer journey

How to Build a Brand that Buyers Will Love
Many entrepreneurs associate brand building with a simple logo and tagline, but successful brands infuse a distinctive voice and style in everything they do. This topic addresses the two key dimensions of branding – messaging and visuals – to help entrepreneurs define their brand position and express it in ways that buyers will embrace.

Key takeaways:

  • Sample positioning formula to summarize your value proposition
  • An exercise to identify your brand and buyer personalities
  • Best practices for choosing a logo, typeface and color palette
“Jackie’s talk on branding was transformative. Her perspectives created a paradigm shift in my understanding of messaging. Go Media is vastly better at communicating our value proposition because of it.”  – William Beachy, President, Go Media